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Statistics of Shinagawa City

Update day: November 5, 2018


What's New

We appreciate your cooperating with house, land statistics investigation in 2018.

And answer thank you for cooperating with "2018 house, land statistics investigation" that enforced October 1, 2018 as investigation date.
About result of investigation, count is announced sequentially according to areas of the metropolis and districts, city and district other than the whole country from Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications by completed thing. Please inflect.

In addition, we are accepting presentation of questionnaire in Shinagawa City now. When questionnaire is not submitted, we hope that we have you submit early.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please contact person in charge of statistics if you have any questions about presentation.
I would like your understanding and cooperation sequentially.

About the details of investigation, look at the following site of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau / 2018 house, land statistics investigation (window indication)

Please be careful about "urger investigations"

* If there are suspicious telephone or visit to talk about statistics investigation including national census, please contact person in charge of local action section statistics.  In statistics investigation, we may not ask about account numbers of bank and post office on the telephone.

* You pretend to be statistics investigator, and please be careful about so-called "urger investigations" for presentation into questionnaire for household and office.

* Statistics investigator carries "identification of statistics investigator" (with photograph). When questionnaire which was filled in is submitted, we would appreciate your handing questionnaire after checking "identification of statistics investigator" by all means.



Main nucleus statistics investigation to carry out in Shinagawa City

  Main nucleus statistics investigation - 2018 to carry out in Shinagawa City


About recruitment of statistics investigators

It is not recruiting statistics investigators (Shinagawa City registration investigator) now. On offer, we will tell on "City News Shinagawa" and "City homepage". For more details, please refer to person in charge of local action section statistics.

Household and population with Basic Resident Register

Household and population [as of November 1, 2018 (Heisei 30)] of this month

Item The total number Breakdown

   Pre-these past months     

The number of the households

  220,353 households

  Japanese: 213,285 households

  Only as for the foreigner: 7,068 households

431 households increase

The population total number

393,823 people

Man: 193,172 people

Woman: 200,651 people

573 increase


380,819 people

Man: 186,771 people

Woman: 194,048 people

487 increase


13,004 people

Man:    6,401 people

Woman:   6,603 people

86 increase            


The number of the households and the population total number (man and woman) display the total number of Japanese and foreigner with some revisions (the July 9, 2012 enforcement) of the Basic Resident Registration Act.

 Household and population of this month


As for household and the details of population, please see the following page.

Statistics of Shinagawa City

Shinagawa judging from number 

It is easy to read main data about Shinagawa City, and Shinagawa judging from number publishes.


Statistics of Shinagawa City

"Statistics of Shinagawa City" recorded important and basic statistical data generally over population, administration, industry, society of Shinagawa City, each field including education. As conventional booklet has "statistics of Shinagawa City" and publication list, please choose statistical table which you want to look at as the following links.

※It becomes publication from 1994 (Heisei 6) about Excel file of publication list.

As a result of basic statistics investigation

We publish statistical table of various statistics investigations.

Statistics link

Please utilize one wanting to know statistics more.

※The link mentioned above founds page of "Weblio dictionary" with new window.
Please inquire for glossary to "Weblio".


Person in charge of local action section statistics
Telephone: 03-5742-6869 FAX: 03-5742-6750